Jog-A-Thon 2023

It’s Time for the Antilles Lower School Jog-A-Thon!

In the beginning of March we will be having the Lower School Jog-A-Thon, a fun event for the students and a fundraiser for the ELC and Lower School. The Jog-A-Thon is a marvelous event that combines outdoor exercise with youthful enthusiasm, as well as providing extra money for these divisions. This money is used for items such as books for the Lower School library and classroom libraries, online subscriptions to educational programs, playground and sports equipment, and support materials for each classroom. These are all items that enrich our program.

As in the past, some children will walk the majority of the time, some will jog most of the time and others will do a combination of both. Parents and friends are invited to come and enjoy the fun, cheering from the sidelines, counting laps, or joining in on the field. Afterward, each grade will have some fun running through the sprinklers on the field. Children should wear comfortable sports clothes to school, and bring their uniforms to change into.

Donations will need to be for a lump sum and cannot be made per lap. If you have more than one child participating in the Jog-a-Thon, you need to make separate donations for each child in the family. 

Prizes awarded

  • Every child who participates receives a popsicle.
  • The child in each grade who runs the most laps will receive a $25 gift certificate from K-mart.
  • The child in each of the two groups who collects the most money receives a $25 gift certificate from K-Mart and a $25 gift certificate from Tap & Still.
  • The class in each of the two groups with highest average number of laps completed receives an ice cream party.

When and Who:

  • Thursday, March 2, 2023 – 8:20 – 9:05 am for grades K, 1st, 2nd
  • Friday, March 3, 2023 – 8:20 -9:05 am for grades 3rd, 4th, 5th


Antilles School Athletic Field


Use the form below to make your donation for each child you wish to support.