The Annual Fund

Every Gift Counts | Every Year

The entire Antilles community is challenged to come together and contribute to the Annual Fund. Our goal is 100% parent participation. Every gift makes a difference in the lives of our students. Please join us and make a gift to the Annual Fund this year! 

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The Gap 

Antilles, like most independent schools, has a gap between tuition and the actual cost of an education. The difference between the cost of an Antilles education and tuition is 20%. This gap is mainly bridged through the Annual Fund and Endowment income. Event those families who pay full tuition are essentially receiving financial aid. Independent schools have a tradition of asking their constituents to contribute to bridge the gap and to keep tuition competitive. In the current economic climate, Annual Fund gifts are more critical than ever! 

Our tuition and fees only cover about 80% of the real cost to educate an Antilles student. Therefore, every year 'The Gap' needs to be made up with additional revenue. That difference comes to about $1,500 per student. 

If all of our families donated the $1,500 per student, our children will continue to receive the same great quality and very best of our teachers which we have all come to expect at Antilles. 

What is the Annual Fund? 

The Annual Fund is an ongoing fundraising effort managed by the Advancement Office and realized through the dedication of our donors. 

The Annual Fund is a pillar of the school's revenue. This collective, community-driven fund fills the gap not covered by tuition or endowment income. This resource is powerful in its immediacy, and it must be replenished every year in order to sustain core programs and fulfill the school's mission. 

The Annual Fund is the lifeblood of all fundraising efforts for Antilles School. Our entire community comes together each year in support of the Annual Fund. The need is real and each student benefits. Beyond the very important dollars we must raise each and every year, your participation in the Annual Fund reflects the strength of our community, and our shared commitment to our students.

What does the Annual Fund support? 

The Annual Fund helps pay for everything from faculty salaries and professional development opportunities to new curriculum initiatives, from financial assistance programs to technology maintenance and upgrades. It helps Antilles attract and retain a talented and committed faculty and provides support for extracurricular activities, clubs, sports, arts initiatives and other programs.

Your Participation Matters

Gifts to The Annual Fund provide unrestricted resources that have a direct bearing on the quality of an Antilles education. For the teacher who inspires, the coach who guides, or the learning that ignites, gifts of every size support the possibilities that are unleashed on campus each day.

Giving Priorities

The Annual Fund is our highest philanthropic priority each year and we ask our parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends to make it theirs as well. 

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