Our Toddler Program through 12th grade is a fully integrated curriculum designed to teach and reinforce skills and knowledge as students journey towards the goal of successful graduation and preparation for the world beyond our campus. We work across divisions and departments to ensure the Antilles experience is both challenging and supportive and that each child is enabled to become his/her best.

Passion for Learning

We should ignite a passion for learning in our students and give them the tools for the job. This includes a solid grounding in the liberal arts and quipping them with the skills they will need to build on that base at university and beyond. Of equal importance is the process of exposing students to situations where their talents and abilities can be discovered and developed in a relatively safe environment.

Interdisciplinary Thinking

Students need to learn interdisciplinary thinking that is both theoretical and relevant, and that has depth and breadth. Life does not present itself in discrete boxes labeled science, art, politics, or economics. Life is interdisciplinary, and students need to learn how to connect the dots.


This is a trait that most children bring with them to school. While children need to learn to discriminate-to extract useful ideas from the sea of information to which they are exposed and to understand that not al ideas have equal value- they must not lose the spark of their natural curiosity. We should help our students acquire a sense of self-discipline and structure without losing that spark.

The Ability to Communicate

Without the ability to communicate effectively and clearly orally and in writing- the rest of one’s education is of limited value. We should always be teaching these skills.


Of all the qualities that we attempt to develop in our students, perhaps the most important is “self-trust.” We must help our children believe in themselves. To believe in oneself a child must acquire both self-confidence and the level of self-knowledge that makes self-deception difficult. We must actively help our children gain insight and grow in their self-awareness.

Risk Tolerance

Growth and learning require risk taking. We must challenge our students to take risks, to experience consequences and to learn accountability to themselves and others. Students need opportunities to experience the rewards of individual and collaborative achievement. These opportunities should be woven into all aspects of the school’s program.

Compassion and Empathy

Our students ought to learn compassion and empathy. We must help them respect and value others for who they are and what they are. Students also need to learn that they are not complete as individuals unless they understand what it means to be responsible, participating members of a community.
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