Commencement 2020
Posted 06/28/2020 09:47PM

We are excited to release the full Commencement 2020 photo gallery by Alexandra Querrard '09 and Jenné Bougouneau '09!

Held at the Mark C. Marin Center last Saturday, school leaders at this year's ceremony spoke of the class' resilience and the courage displayed by its members in overcoming the challenges of the past three years, from hurricanes to the current global health pandemic.  

"What courage means to each of you and what it will mean is personal and it is often only visible in your actions and your attitudes. Your courage to persevere has certainly been tested and I am confident that it has left you well-armed for the twists and turns that accompany a full life. It is interesting how many ways you have been and will be challenged to be courageous – what courage is needed to do the right thing when no one is watching, what courage is needed to stand up for what you believe and to stand up for others. However courage has shown up in your life, lean on the foundation that has been built here at Antilles and be confident in your strength," Head of School Liz Morrison said.  

Salutatorian Amisha Mirchandani '20 echoed these remarks, sharing that it was "no small feat" that brought the class together Saturday, but rather the hard work of parents, coaches, and teachers who were confidants, friends, and demanded from them their best efforts. Additionally, Amisha said, the students were able to lean on one another.

Memories shared by Valedictorian Divyesh Gurnani '20 and Class Speaker Yash Chhabria '20 also illustrated that bond, with Yash sharing that each of his classmates have had a direct impact on his life - and will continue to influence him for the better. Whether they chose to go off into the world or stay here at home, Yash expressed his confidence that each graduate will make their mark as they continue on the journey ahead.

And while the future is still uncertain, Divyesh encouraged his fellow graduates not to let the fear of the "tough times" ahead derail their hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

"Life will never be perfect, and as mix-ups get thrown your way - and sometimes even smack you in the face - the most important thing is to simply keep driving forward," he said.

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