Behind the Scenes | Drama Fun
Posted 09/13/2019 01:21PM

Feeding into the Upper School's program is the Lower School's Drama Fun Club, an after school activity started about five years ago by fourth grade teacher Michelle Riggle

At the time, Michelle only had eight students, but Wednesday, when the program kicked off for the year, there were easily more than two dozen waiting for her on the steps of the Lower School. For the past two years, Drama Fun is also often the first activity filled on the roster, and Michelle says it's because the club gives our younger learners the chance to relax, have fun, and use their imagination.

"This is a world our students actually do want to explore, and Drama Fun gives them the opportunity to do that. Some students are initially afraid of theatre and here, they don't have to be in a play, but they gain exposure through basic improv games and activities.

The smaller group also makes them feel more comfortable about taking risks and putting themselves out there, and for those eager to get more involved, there is also the opportunity to be part of the bigger School productions. It's wonderful to see this as a stepping stone for Middle and Upper School, where they can become more immersed if they want to," Michelle said.

The collaboration with drama teacher Megan Elliot - who offers a small part in the School plays to Early Learning Center and Drama Fun students - is also good for our older thespians.

"Imagination is one of an actor's most important tools," Megan shared this week. "When we're working with the younger kids, or when they come to visit, the older groups are reminded of that - they are inspired to think outside the box a little bit more."

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