The Courage to Be a Leader
Posted 08/22/2019 07:00PM

For the past two years, life coach Dave Mochel has worked with our faculty on building a culture of mindfulness and this week – at the invitation of Head of School Liz Morrison - helped add another layer to the conversation by opening it up to Middle and Upper School Student Council members.

“We did a simple exercise – a game – and every time we made a mistake, or something went wrong, he noticed our reaction,” Ronit Totwani ‘23 said of the session with Dave. “I think what resonated most was when we were asked to look at why we were reacting that way and then encouraged not to look at failure as a bad thing.”

New learning opportunities come out of making mistakes, observed Liz, who also spoke meaningfully to the group about taking risks and not letting the fear of failure stop them from “thinking big.”

Leading into the theme for the year – courage – Liz added that taking risks and having courage could mean the same thing, especially when it means standing up for something you believe in, navigating uncomfortable situations, or taking a new idea and building energy around it. 

“The power of you as a leadership group is centered on the attitude and behavior you bring to the table,” she said. “People are looking to you to see how you approach something and the way that you embrace it helps with the way they view it. I love the power that student leadership has in shaping school culture – and you are in the position to be able to think about the legacy you want to leave, and what you want to build together.”

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