Earning Credit: Celebrating Antilles' AP Scholars
Posted 08/25/2017 01:00PM

Along with being a good academic investment, Antilles’ Advanced Placement program truly gives students the edge needed for college success.

“As a parent, or even a student who might be paying for these on their own, the AP exams are expensive, but the benefits of the program are incredible,” Antilles’ Director of College Counseling, Isabel Borrás-Marín, said. “For students who were juniors, this award is an asset to have on their resumes and our seniors, who graduated last year, can earn sophomore standing in college if they have approved their exams.”

When you think about paying, ballpark, approximately $800 per college credit, the AP program, at $115 an exam, more than pays for itself.

“For those schools who don’t recognize the exam, students can move into higher subject area classes, and that’s pretty great, too,” Borrás-Marín said.

And, as some of Antilles’ students prepare to skip ahead to sophomore year or an accelerated academic track, 10 have also been recognized for outstanding achievement over the past two years within the program.

The program gives out annually AP scholar awards in five different categories based on student performance on their AP exams. Along with the distinction of AP Scholar, students may also qualify as AP Scholars with Honor, AP Scholars with Distinction, or National AP Scholars. Students who receive scores of three or higher on five or more AP exams in three or more subject areas are awarded AP International Diplomas, and, according to Borrás-Marín, Antilles swept in all categories this year.

Congratulations to:

AP Scholar | Students who received three (up to five) or higher on three or more AP exams

William “Shaw” Clements, Victoria Heibert, Mansi Totwani, Robert Hunter, Margaret James, Resham Mirpuri ‘17, Divina Mohanani ‘17, Brooke Nicolosi ’17 and Ryan Hunter ‘17

AP Scholar with Honor | Students who received an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, or scores of 3 or higher on four or more exams

Cyril Anthony Connor ‘17

AP Scholar with Distinction | Students who received an average score of 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and scores of three or higher on five or more exams

Pooja Chainani ‘17, Emily Chan ‘17, Savanah Dukes ‘17, Sasha Klein ‘17, Roshni Lalwani ‘17, Simran Mirchandani ‘17, Marina Parlatto ‘17, Alejandra “Coco” Saracena ‘17, Caroline Teare ‘17

National AP Scholar | Granted to the students in the US who receive an average score of at least four on all AP exams taken and scores of four or higher on eight or more exams

Pooja Chainani ’17 (who took nine AP courses over two years)

AP International Diploma | Granted to students who receive scores of three or higher on five or more AP exams in three or more subject areas.

Pooja Chainani ‘17, Roshni Lalwani ‘17, Divina Mohanani ‘17, Alejandra “Coco” Saracena ‘17, Marina Parlato ‘17, and Caroline Teare ‘17

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