Hands on Learning with Alex Scully ('09)
Posted 04/20/2017 12:00PM
Erin Salzbrun’s sophomore Careers students received a crash course this month in design thinking from alumna Alexandra Scully (’09) who spoke about empathy and team building. Through hands on and fun activities, the students were able to learn how to actively listen and work as a cohesive unity. Scully, a lecturer at Stanford University, also made time for reflection after each game or lesson.
“The students really connected with Alex,” Salzbrun said. “She had them get up and move around the room and showcased how empathy, mindfulness and teamwork are integral parts of every design team she works with at Stanford and in the Bay area of California. As an alumna myself, it feels great to see others coming back to share their knowledge with our students. It also gives students tangible examples of people who are thriving after attending Antilles.”
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