Alumni Luncheon and Panel Discussion
Posted 01/20/2017 04:00PM

The traditional Alumni Luncheon and Panel Discussion was held this year on January 9th, giving alumni still on island the chance to share their college experiences with Antilles juniors and seniors. This year’s event, a Development initiative conducted with Antilles’ Alumni and College Counseling offices, gave the upperclassmen the chance to learn about everything from meal plans to roommates, and how to budget time between academics and extra-curricular activities.

In many instances, panelists – ten (10) from the Class of 2016 and one (1) from the Class of 2015 – also dispensed helpful life advice, which focused on avoiding peer pressure and valuing their own morals. Avinash Nagpal (’16) also spoke about maintaining a sense of confidence, even when the road ahead appears rough. 

“I know we’re all still growing, but I think one of the things you should do before going to college is learn yourself, what you can deal with and the boundaries of what you can take,” Nia Gumbs (’16) said in response to one question. “Because I feel like if you don’t know that and you let people sway you, or your morals, or take you away from what your family taught you, then you can end up with the wrong crowd, or your grades could start slipping, and everything can go downhill. So, try to find out who you are and who you want to be.”

Along with Gumbs, this year’s panelists were: Bailee Dukes (’15), Kamryn Frett (’16), Enzo Newhard (’16), Dylan Luce (’16), Avinash Nagpal (’16), Gabby Quetel (’16), Makeba Dorival (’16), Camren Bunn (’16), Travis Grant (’16), Amanda Engeman (’16) and Colin Brego (’16). 


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