New Makerspace Area in the Lower School Library
Posted 10/14/2016 01:00PM

New Makerspace book and Lego areas have added a DIY component to the Lower School Library, giving students a chance to put both their hands and heads to creative use. Longtime librarian Carol Wax began both initiatives at the end of the last school year and since then, has put together spaces where students can spend free time brushing up on everything from computer coding basics to easy robotics, or working to build some cool creations with their friends.

“Along with giving students the chance to learn something new, what I like seeing the most is how well they are cooperating with each other,” Wax said. “A group of students will come up with a new building strategy, for example, and they will work as a team to execute it.”

Adding to Wax’s statements, students Dhruv Rupani and Kush Mirchandani said this week that the key to successful teamwork is really just a healthy dose of imagination.

“If you’re building with Legos, for example, you don’t necessarily have to have all the right pieces,” Rupani explained. “You can work together with a friend on a completely new idea, using the pieces you have, and with the right imagination or thinking, you can make something incredible.”

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