News From The Nurse
Posted 11/14/2014 12:00PM

In an effort to better serve our staff, students and our parents, we will be sending out weekly updates from our Antilles School Nurse, Megan Anderson, which will include everything from campus news (what’s affecting our students) to healthy living tips! Parents are also encouraged to visit and take advantage of the health care forms, policies and other resources available there.

Keeping in Touch With Your Child’s Health
Unexpected cough or sniffling? Too tired to get up in the morning? As a parent, you generally know when it’s time to keep your children home from school and when it’s okay to send them in. For those days, however, when you might not be sure, here’s a helpful article from that can help.

Of course, we ask parents to never send a child to school who has a fever, is nauseated, vomiting or has diarrhea. Follow your instincts: if you’re child isn’t acting like themselves, is sleepy or complaining of pain, it may also be time for a sick day.

We hope this update has been helpful for you!

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