Celebrate the Antilles Advantage!
Posted 11/08/2013 01:00AM

Dear Parents,
I have enjoyed visiting classes on campus this week and taking notice of some of the special aspects of the Antilles Experience that our students enjoy—and that we believe help prepare them to succeed in college and beyond! I just wanted to share a sample of these items with you so that you can know about them and look forward to the days when your student will enjoy!

Yesterday, our junior class visited the Reef Bay Trail on St. John as part of their science and environmental studies. We try to take advantage of the truly unique aspects of the Virgin Islands and incorporate them into our instructional plans. This trip is led by a member of our science department faculty, Mr. Alan Eberhart.

In the humanities area, new Drama Teacher Megan Elliot has initiated a Drama Club to provide additional opportunities after school for students to expand their knowledge and experience base on a variety of theater topics. The students are qu

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