A Day in the Life

A Day in the Toddler Program

I couldn’t wait to tell my teacher about the fruit stand I saw on the way to school. My mom stopped and the lady let me touch a mango—it was soft! When I got to my classroom, there was a grocery store with a cash register and shopping baskets. When I told my teacher what had happened she was really excited and gave me a big hug. I put my things in my cubby with my mom, kissed her goodbye, and started shopping with my friends.

Then we had clean up and came to circle with all of our friends. My teacher sang our good morning song with us and then we played a picnic game together. We got to roll dice and match food to a picnic table—I got the apple! Then we had snack and I had applesauce! I like apples. Then we played outside and the playhouse was another store!

When we did circle again and my teacher read a story about food and where it comes from. Then we painted of our favorite part of the story with our other teacher—I made a bowl of fruit with lots of apples and mangos. My friend made a pizza with vegetables on top. After that we went up to the big room with the movement teacher and learned how to do a conga line! It was really silly. I think we have Spanish tomorrow.

Lunch time! I was hungry and ate all four pieces of my peanut butter sandwich. Then we had to rest and one of my teachers rubbed my back while I fell asleep. I woke up and my grandfather came to get me. I showed him my fruit bowl and told him about the grocery store. We got my things out of my cubby, and on the way out I hugged my teachers and waved goodbye to my friends. I hope we have a mango at home.

A Day in the Pre-Kindergarten Program

I was the first one to get to school today! I like being first. I said goodbye to my parents and told my teacher that I was there. She asked me to help her set up the easel and the water table. I put my bag in my cubby and helped my teacher. Last year I helped a lot too but the room wasn’t as big as Pre-K.

My friends started to arrive and we went to another classroom before circle time—my teacher said it was okay. Soon, she called us to get water and sit on a letter on the rug at circle. Then we counted how many children were there to find out how many were missing and did the calendar together. When we did the weather, I put the cloudy sign up for yesterday! Then my teacher read a story about a building site, because we are learning about construction. We sang a song about it too that we are practicing for sing-along on Friday. The whole ELC sings!

When we got to pick areas in the room I played in the library with a puzzle of backhoes and things on a construction site—I think we’re going to the quarry maybe tomorrow or soon, I have to ask my mom. Q is for quarry but in Spanish it starts with a different letter but that’s okay because Spanish is a different language called Español. Some of my friends made a skyscraper with blocks and more friends drew what they would build if they were a construction worker! They told my teacher about the drawings and then our other teacher was with the other kids that were in Pre-K already for one year. Next year I can do that!

I was glad it was snack time because we can eat and then play. My teacher asked me what shape my crackers were and I had a whole bunch of hexagons! After we played we did a freeze game in movement where we pretended to be stuck in concrete, and at the library I got a great book about a concrete truck! We are going to make concrete in art tomorrow!

Today was a pizza day, and we all yelled, “p-i-z-z-a” when the pizza man came. He danced and helped us count how many pizzas he had. He’s really nice and came to read us a story about pizza twice! After lunch I fell asleep quickly, but some of my friends—the ones who were already in Pre-K—could do puzzles or read books because they don’t like to sleep but they have to be quiet. I was tired!

When we woke up, we sang another construction song with our teachers and helped put away our cots. Then I showed my teacher how I could put on my own shoes—she was really proud. I played on the swing and then found a bug—my teacher put it in a viewing box so we could share it tomorrow. Then it was time for me to go to my tumbling class, so I hugged my teachers and said goodbye to my friends. What can I bring for show and tell tomorrow?

A Day in Kindergarten

My dad dropped me off at school on his way to work, and on my way to my class my teacher from last year waved to me from my old room. I said hello to my friends still in Pre-K and went to my classroom. I checked the helper board and today was my turn to water the plants—my favorite! My teacher always has something fun out on the tables, and today it was stencils with glitter and glue. I quickly put my backpack in my cubby and ran to the art table. Oops! No running. My kindergarten teacher asked me how I was doing and wanted me to show her my new shoes.

My favorite part of circle time is doing our calendar and counting how many days of school we’ve had—today was 120! We practiced counting that high, and then we read a great story about green sea turtles because we are studying reptiles. My reptile is a coral snake, and I got to find out lots of things about it with my teacher for the book I am presenting to the class. We are doing research.

Spanish was really fun today, and we sang a new song about colors. In creative arts we worked on our carnival masks—I decided to make a coral snake since that is my reptile! Our art room has lots of stuff to work with, and my teacher helped me make some scales!

Back in our classroom during group work time, we did a story and had to circle answers to questions about it after in our workbooks. I got all of them right! I like it because we get to work with the other teacher and some friends on the porch. Then we did a survey with our classmates and came back to graph the results at circle.

I saved most of my sandwich for lunch because I had eaten my fruit and yogurt during snack. Then at recess my friends and I tried to see how many times we could go down the slide. After this I was ready for quiet time, where I got to read on my mat with a few of my friends. Later in creative movement class we had a big obstacle course with a giant tunnel and balance beam. When we got back to class we all drank lots from the water cooler.

When I got ready for pick-up, I made sure I had my backpack and that I got the painting I made earlier on the easel outside. I knew my mom would want to add it to the wall of art in our family room. My teacher reminded me to bring back my library book tomorrow—one more night to read it with mom and dad before bed, and then I get to pick a new one! I gave my teachers a hug and waved goodbye to my friends before getting into the car with my mom. I asked her if tomorrow was Thursday, and was glad when she said yes, tomorrow was another school day!

A Day in First Grade

Every day when my mom drops me off at the stairs to the Lower School, she asks, “Are you sure you don’t want me to walk you to your class?” I am out of the car so fast, I barely remember to get a hug and kiss goodbye. I’m almost seven and can walk myself!!

Today, I was racing to see my friends and passed my Kindergarten teacher from last year. I got a quick hug and told her I miss her. She says I can come read a book to her class. I can’t wait. Then I got to the cubbies outside my room and unpack my homework folder, lunch-kit and my show-and-tell. As I open the door to my class I see some of the kids around the computer and another group playing my favorite word game “Bang!” I’ve got a few things to do before I can pick a morning activity. Let’s see, I have to sign in, sharpen my pencils, then read and correct a silly sentence on the white board and find the answer for the problem of the day. Hmm…not sure I know the answer for the math problem but I’ll take my best guess.

I decide to read a book in the class library before it’s time for Morning Meeting. There are so many books to choose from. I’m getting to be such a good reader and I’ve just started reading chapter books. I love the “Henry and Mudge” series and I hope I can start reading “The Magic Tree House” books soon.

Time for Morning Meeting. We gather on the North rug (we learned our directions this year) and sit in front of the calendar. I can’t believe it is day 132 of school! Oh no, that doesn’t leave much time left in first grade. My teacher goes over the schedule for our day. It sounds like another fun day at Antilles! Then it’s my turn for show and tell. I bring in some special coins the Tooth Fairy left me last night. I am so excited to tell my friends about them. A few more kids share their things and then we stand for the Pledge. After that, it’s back to our seats for a read aloud. My teacher reads us “Open Wide” since we’re studying teeth in Science. I have a million questions I want to ask about the book but I can write them down in my Reading Response Journal during D.E.A.R. time, which is next!

I love D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) time because I can read my favorite book again today. I can keep up to 4 books at my desk for a whole week and spend time reading and re-reading them or even writing about them in my journal. I can pick out so many sight words. Go, Me!

I hear the maraca shaking. That means everyone has to freeze. I can’t wait for Reading Workshop. I get to meet with my teacher in a small group and we read the best stories. After that I get to go to reading centers. The great thing about centers is all the fun things I get to do. I can use magnet letters to spell words or reading rods to make up funny sentences. I like the writing center a lot because I can make a book and illustrate it, too. There are some great new books at both the Big Books and Listening centers. I’ll have to check them out when I get time. My favorite center has to be the computer. I love all the Jump Start and Reader Rabbit games. My teacher lets us use Kidspiration, too.

Wow, reading went by fast. But I do love spelling! We play all kinds of spelling games, sometimes with play-dough and sometimes with shaving cream or sand. I’ve been practicing with alphabet stamps but sometimes I make a huge mess with the stamp pad. My fingers end up rainbow colored! It’s ok, it washes off.

Snack time. I am starving. I hope I have something good like grapes or cheese and crackers! Oh yes…I have goldfish crackers! I get to move seats during snack and sit with my best friend. I’ve got so much to tell him.

Time for writing. We just got letters from our pen pals in Munich, Germany. They sent us Gummi Bears and Popsicle stick puppets. My teacher reads the letters to us and then we’re going to write back about what we did on our Spring Break We learned how to write a letter in the beginning of the year and we’ve been practicing ever since. I write to my grandparents all the time now that I know how to do it. My dad says I need to practice writing neater, but grandma says it’s ok the way it is.

Wow, Recess already? I can’t wait to see one of my friends in kindergarten. We used to be in PreK together and we always play tag at recess. I love being it. Maybe I’ll play soccer up on the courts when I get tired of tag. I’ve got so much energy…my teacher says we have to get it all out!

Now we’re back in class and it’s math. We’ve been learning how to count change all year and I’m really getting good but the quarters always confuse me a little. I know I’ll get it soon. One thing I’m great at is telling time. I wear a watch and I can actually tell time with it. It’s not even digital. Can you believe it? Today my teacher made a class store and put price tags on all kinds of stuff in the class. We all have our own bags of real coins and we get to buy things in the store. I love to figure out what I have enough money for. I hope I get some change back. My teacher has a cash register we can use. I hope I get a turn to use it soon!

No, it can’t be true. Math is already over? Where is the time going? Now we get to go to Art. My art teacher has the coolest art supplies. We’ve been working on origami sea life and making moko jumbies for Carnival. My mom saves every single thing I make. It’s like a museum at my house but I guess I’m the only artist. How embarrassing.

Lunch time, finally! I barely made it. We have a picnic table outside of our classroom and I quickly grab a spot. I always make sure I sit quietly at my desk so I can be one of the first kids dismissed for lunch. After lunch, we get to have Recess again. Two times a day, we are so lucky!

It’s Social Studies now. We’re learning about US Virgin Islands history. Did you know the Carib and Arawak Indians used to live here? We are learning about how they planted crops and hunted and fished for food. My teacher has some really cool maps she’s showed us and I want to learn about more of the islands in the Caribbean. She said we’d be learning more about our island and others for many years to come at Antilles. I’ll be an expert by the time I graduate!

The day is almost over but not before we have Spanish. I love Spanish. I think I’m pretty good at it too. I’ve been taking Spanish since Pre-K so it’s been a lot of years. Right now I’m learning all about local fruits and what their Spanish names are. We even get to make fruit smoothies today because we’ve done such a great job. I love my Spanish teacher!

The day is over. Oh what a day it’s been. I love school so much and I can’t wait to come back tomorrow. I pack up my homework folder and lunch kit, clean up my desk and I am out of here. My mom will never believe all the things I did today.

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