Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan 2012-2017 is the product of a process that included a head search, self-study for Middle States re-accreditation, and the creation of a Strategic Plan. The foundation for this planning process was laid during the Board of Trustees retreat and planning process for the Head of School search in Academic Year 2010-11. The Board of Trustees received feedback from all stakeholder groups on the success of the various components of the Strategic Agenda for 2007-2010 (the previous strategic plan). Working from the results of stakeholder input regarding the needs of the school and leadership requirements, the Board carefully crafted a comprehensive statement of the school’s current status in all areas. This process enabled the Board and school to describe in detail characteristics of its desired strategic end state over the next few years.

Second, the new Head of School worked closely with the Search Committee, a special Transition Committee of the Board , the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, the various Board Committees, the faculty, the support staff members, the PTA, and a variety of alumni and “friends” of the school to identify priorities and learn the culture of the institution. The Head spent many hours meeting and listening to the thoughts and perspectives of many members of the school staff, students and community.

Third, the Senior Leadership Team consisting of the Head of School, the Division Heads (heads of Early Learning Center/Lower School, Middle-Upper School), the Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Admission and Communication, the Director of Development, and the Director of Facilities and Auxiliary Services sought input from the entire staff of the school, parents, and constituents of the various programs/areas of the school. This was done both formally and informally using focus groups, numerous surveys to include parent and alumni instruments, and open-ended question sessions.

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