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Posted 02/08/2017 12:56PM
Once again the PTA has gifted the library with a selection of this year's ALA award winners. The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner won the William C. Morris which honors a debut book published by a first-time author writing for teens and celebrating impressive new voices in young adult literature "Grades 9-12. In small-town Forrestville, Tennessee, broody musician Dill Early begins his senior year with a general feeling of dread because it means his best friend, Lydia, will be leaving for college once they graduate. As the son of a snake-handling Pentecostal preacher currently in prison, Dill is unable to escape his father's shadow. Lydia, on the other hand, is an outspoken blogger and fashionista, who can't wait to get out of Dodge. Completing their trio is Travis, a gentle giant who carries a staff and is obsessed with fantasy novels. In chapters that shift among the teens' perspectives, Zentner effectively shows the aspirations, fears, and dark secrets they harbor during their final year together. A musician himself, Zentner transitions to prose easily in his debut, pulling in complex issues that range from struggles with faith to abuse to grief. Refreshingly, this novel isn't driven by romance—though it rears its head—but by the importance of pursuing individual passions and forging one's own path. A promising new voice in YA. " Booklist Review
Posted 01/31/2017 09:03AM
"Are seventh-graders Matt and Craz ahead of their time or just weird? Careful Matt Worfle and crazy Larry Crazinski make an awesome cartooning team, but no one pays attention to their work until Matt gets a magic pen and ink from Drawbetternow.com. Just as predicted, the cartooning kit brings their work to life. But the effects are disastrous: a horrible date night at the movies, aliens running student council, and killer bees chasing them down the halls of Kilgore Junior High, not to mention their English teacher's sudden visit to the world of Treasure Island and the transformation of Craz's large, messy family into one where he is an only child. Fast-paced action, humor, and occasional cartoons will keep readers engaged in this zany story, a combination of middle-school realism and wish fulfillment. But there is some depth to this tale, too, as both boys come to realize what they value in their families and in each other. A read with one goal on its mind: entertainment." Booklist Review
Posted 01/31/2017 08:58AM
Join in with thousands around the world and re-read your favorite Harry Potter book to celebrate International Harry Potter Book Night. You can even enjoy fun games and activities at the book publisher's site. http://www.harrypotter.bloomsbury.com/uk/harry-potter-book-night/ ENJOY!
Posted 01/09/2017 10:24AM
January 23, 2017 at 8:00, the Youth Media Award winners will be announced. For more information, visit I Love Libraries (http://www.ilovelibraries.org/booklovers/youth-media-awards)
Posted 11/30/2016 02:50PM
" In what might be described as a companion to The Giver (1993), Lowry once again brings readers to an alternative civilization and introduces a young person who will be entrusted to pass on its history. This time, though, she will have the opportunity to plot its future, too. Kira is lame and a recent orphan, so she is not surprised when she is brought before the Council of Guardians to justify her existence. Unexpectedly, she finds a champion who brings her to live in the Council Edifice, where her talent for embroidery and her intuitiveness make her the choice for an important job-repairing the robe of the Singer, who each year sings the history of the world, with the events meticulously embroidered on the robe he wears. At first Kira cannot believe her luck. She makes a friend, Thomas, who carves the Singer's wooden staff, and learns the delicate art of dyeing her threads from a crone who lives outside the village. She is even able to maintain her friendship with the sassy, loyal urchin Matt. Slowly, however, Kira begins to see that all is not right in her world. Lowry is a master at creating worlds, both real and imagined, and this incarnation of our civilization some time in the future is one of her strongest creations. The coarseness and brutality of the people, the abundance of the land's natural resources, and the intricacies of the society make this setting as rich as Kira's most glorious colors. There is richness in the characters, too, all of whom are detailed with fine, invisible stitches. Only the final bit of plotting falters: too much is disclosed too quickly, and answers to questions about how Kira will achieve her objective-to create a kinder future as reflected by her stitchings on the robe-are left as hints (perhaps this bodes well for a sequel). Lowry has clearly addressed the issue of what happens when a young person becomes disillusioned with society; it would be equally interesting to know how she thinks worlds evolve into better places." Booklist Reviews
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