Inspired by learning and empowered by our diversity, outreach and distinct place in Caribbean culture, Antilles School is a college preparatory school committed to educational excellence.

At Antilles we value the school's small size and the commitment of its faculty and staff to the individual student. We are a school where Excellence, Diversity and Community are more than words on a masthead: they are concepts that guide us every day.


At Antilles, we define excellence as the quality of our performance as educators. Our aim is to achieve pedagogical excellence, and to assure that every student who comes to us will find a model of excellence in instruction and in citizenship. Our purpose is to help all Antilles students realize their full potential, develop strong values, and ultimately, discover how they will contribute to the community in their own unique ways.


Antilles is a wonderfully diverse school, but the true measure of diversity is whether the members of the community respect and value each other for the different talents, backgrounds and perspectives that they bring to the school. We work hard to foster this sort of school community.


We are also part of the larger Virgin Islands community, and are inspired by our distinct place in Caribbean culture. The community offers us unique resources and we, in turn, are committed to enriching the lives of all Virgin Islanders by our presence and programs, and through the contributions of our students and graduates to civic life.

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