Upper School

Ninth through Twelfth Grade


We are a community of learners characterized by curiosity and vitality, as well as independent and interdependent thinking. The culture of Antilles Upper School is welcoming, dynamic, enjoyable, collegial, and respectful. With a shared sense of purpose, faculty and staff prepare Upper School students for success in college and in life, guiding students to sharpen their abilities to read critically and imaginatively; to communicate with clarity, coherence and precision; to ask questions, solve problems and determine the reasonableness of solutions offered; and to apply logical reasoning to a broad range of situations. Faculty and staff encourage students to stretch, take responsible risks, and to reach beyond their grasps.

Academic Core

The Upper School academic program is balanced and robust with a strong commitment to the Advanced Placement Program of the College Board. Students expand their knowledge in history and the social sciences; literature and language arts; the sciences and mathematics; Spanish language and cultures; the visual and performing arts; and physical fitness and health. Through classroom, laboratory, studio, field experiences and the personalized time and attention of faculty, advisors and counselors, students gain self-confidence as they learn to examine various perspectives, take and defend decisions, pursue individual thought and passion, and participate in civic and cultural action and thought.

Along with the acquisition of core knowledge, our classroom practices and educational program are designed to cultivate personal, cultural, and global awareness. Learning experiences advance the development of attitudinal habits, such as persisting and questioning, leading and serving, listening and understanding with empathy, taking responsible risks, and creating, imagining and innovating.

For a more detailed description of our class offerings, please see our Program of Studies.

US News

Spotlight | Building Leaders

Across divisions last week, our students engaged in a range of leadership activities that highlighted the importance of fostering empathy, understanding, and a strong sense of responsibility.