Early Learning Center


In the Antilles Early Learning Center, the focus is on the individual child. We strive to create a foundation to develop life-long learners, by providing opportunities for learning through exploration and play. These experiences match a child’s developmental abilities while also challenging and stimulating the child’s interest and understanding. Teachers facilitate in a language rich environment where children express their thoughts and ideas through music, stories, puppets, collaborative play and the beginning stages of reading and writing. The rich Early Learning Center environment with an array of manipulatives and art materials helps to foster creativity, problem solving and an eagerness to learn. Learning to share and to be a kind and caring friend to all is a major part of the learning experience to develop the whole child. Teachers work in partnership with parents and families to develop the child not just academically, but socially and emotionally through compassionate interaction and thoughtful teaching and guidance.

Children in the Early Learning Center's PK3-First Grade classes enjoy plenty of opportunity for creativity in their learning. They leave their classrooms daily for an Expressive Arts program, enjoying everything from singing and playing rhythm instruments to hands-on art projects. Additionally, they have Creative Movement as well as Spanish classes several days a week.  The children enjoy a weekly trip to the Library, field trips around the spacious campus, and collaborative visits to other classrooms.

Toddlers enjoy Spanish and Creative Movement instruction several days a week, along with weekly library visits.

Each week, our Early Learning Center students, PK3–First Grade, join together for a sing-a-long. Parents are welcome to attend as each week, a different class performs a song and often some choreography. For the children, it’s an enjoyable coming together of all their friends. It also helps to build their confidence, leadership and interpersonal skills as the children learn to sing and perform in front of their peers and in tandem with one another.