College Counseling

Unique to our Upper School program is the philosophy that planning for the future doesn't start in your senior year. Nor does it begin with thinking about what college you want to go to, or what major you are going to pick.

Instead, students are encouraged to think intentionally when they transition to Upper School about the kind of person they want to be, the leadership opportunities they want to pursue, and even which community service options can best engage and inspire in them a true interest in giving back.

Students are recognized for their academic achievements, but more than that, they are valued for all of the other things they bring to the table. When they enter Upper School, they start to work on a resume that paints a complete picture of who they are so that by the time they enter their senior year and are ready to apply, each college already understands what each student has to offer. 

College fairs in the fall and winter also bring dozens of representatives to our campus each year, and with all Upper School grades encouraged to participate, students begin forming relationships that can span two, three, or even four years. Pairing the interests of each student with the best college or university is also a key part of our philosophy.

Disclosure Policy

In accordance with the National Association of College Admissions Counselors’ Principles of Good Practice, Antilles School discloses disciplinary action to colleges and universities.

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