Fast Facts


Antilles boasts a highly qualified and dynamic faculty and support staff, led by progressive administrators. We have approximately 60 faculty members, many of whom hold advanced degrees and have an average teaching experience of more than 19 years. Among them, over 70% of our teachers have been at Antilles for more than 5 years, while some have been with us for more than 30 years. We pride ourselves on having small classes and a low student-to-faculty ratio.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of twenty-four course credits is required.

  • 4 years English
  • 3 years Math (including Algebra & Geometry)
  • 3 years Laboratory Science
  • 3 years History (including US, World, and Caribbean)
  • 3 years World Language
  • 1 year Art or Music
  • 2 years of Physical Education & Health
  • 100 hours of community service

Awards and Distinctions

In the 2018-2023 school years, Antilles School had 29 AP Scholars, 7 AP Scholars with Honor, 18 AP Scholars with Distinction, 5 National AP Scholars, 5 AP International Diplomas, 7 National Merit Semifinalists, 5 Presidential Scholar Semifinalists, and 1 Presidential Scholar Finalist.


Technology is an integrated part of our curriculum in Grades 1-12.  Almost all classrooms in those grades have interactive boards installed.  iPads are used extensively in Grades 1-3 and laptops are used throughout grades 4-12.  There are dedicated laptop carts for students in Grades 4 & 5.  In Grades 7-8, students are issued a school laptop.  In Grades 8-12 students are allowed to bring their own laptops to use on campus in classes and if they do not have one they can borrow one from the school.

School Profile

You may view the Antilles School Profile for 2023-2024 to read additional details about our school.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

Antilles spends over 18% of its annual operating budget on providing financial assistance. This is significantly more than the national average of comparable independent schools.

Tuition costs range from $13,020 for the Toddler Program to $24,960 for Grade 12.


Our youngest students in the Early Learning Center have music and art throughout the day with their teachers. 

In the Lower School, students have music 3 times a week, Spanish 2-3 times a week, and art 1-2 times a week. 

Students in Middle School get introduced to Studio Art & Band in 6th grade and then get to choose if they would like to take Studio Art 2 or Advanced Band in 7th & 8th grade.  Theater classes begin in 7th grade and an option for an advanced Band or Studio Art course in 8th grade. 

Upper School students are required to take 2 credits of one discipline or 1.5 credits of a mixture of visual and performing arts.  Students have a variety of drama, band, and studio art courses to choose from throughout their 4 years, including honors levels courses in each discipline.

AP Courses

All courses are college preparatory. Advanced Placement courses offered include: English Literature and Composition, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Biology, United States History, Economics Macro & Micro (alternate years), Government & Politics, United States, Spanish Language and Culture, and Music Theory.


At Antilles we value the school's small size and the commitment of our faculty and staff to the whole child. We are a school where "Excellence, Diversity, and Community" are more than words on a masthead: they are concepts that guide us every day. We have 450 students enrolled for the 2023-2024 school year. Our students are active in Student Government organizations, community service, academic clubs, athletics, and sailing.


Throughout the grades Antilles has a vertically aligned curriculum in all subject areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social Studies, Spanish, Art, Music and Physical Education. In the early years, subjects are interwoven with theme-based, hands-on learning activities. The students become independent learners and critical thinkers as they grow developmentally. When they cross the parking lot to Middle School and Upper School, students start to have more choices in their learning path with many Honors and Advanced Placement courses available to choose from.

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