“My adult children grew with strong community commitment, a genuine care for people and creative energy from their many years at Antilles School. Westra is a lawyer for Washington, D.C. legal services, married and working with the economically disadvantaged while Hanlon followed his calling into computer technologies. Antilles gave them a solid foundation for each to become successful contributors to their worlds. We all have fond memories of our family at Antilles.”

Cheryl Miller, P'04, P'99

Past Parent

"Since I was a preschooler, Antilles has always been a second home for me. This School has brought me some of my fondest memories, most important self-growth, and best friends. I don’t think I would have been the same person if I didn’t have the abundance of support and care from the amazing teachers, faculty, and staff members here. I am incredibly grateful for the 14 years I got to spend with them, and on campus."

Mansi Totwani '17

Class Agent

"I entered Antilles school as a “C” student and I left as a member of the National Honor Society. I never could have gone on the trajectory of success in college without the wonderful guidance of the teachers and administration at Antilles. Attending school there completely changed my life in ways that are indescribable!"

Ashley Underwood, '96


"I love, love Antilles School. My daughter Chayla began Antilles School in the Toddler Program and more than a decade later, she is in the seventh grade with the greatest foundation. She absolutely loves the school, the teachers, and her friends, and I love the Antilles family that continues to develop year by year. By far, I can truly say that my child has developed socially, emotionally, and academically. I look forward to the continued success that Antilles has achieved within our school and moreover in the community."

Colleen Clendinen, P'25


"I was a K-12 kid, and I think being able to start from the beginning really has prepared for the next grade, and after that, the next step in my life. I was taught the importance of fundamentals and getting a good start – and understood that if I put in the effort, I would succeed. I am grateful for the life skills instilled by my teachers, which prepared me not only for college life in the classroom, but the independence that goes along with it. Antilles is an experience I wouldn’t trade, not for the world."

Sherde Nicholas '18

Class Agent

Antilles School offers strong non-academic programs. Our athletic program is very competitive in a number of sports to include volleyball, basketball, athletics, softball, baseball, football, chess and sailing (our sailing program is one of the best in the nation). Our Fine Arts Department truly brings out the creativity of our students in art, theater and band. Not to mention the plethora of meaningful student lead clubs and organizations offered by our school.  Antilles School is a place where we not only equip our students academically but we expend their minds by offering a wide variety of extracurricular activities. 


Mark Daniel

Antilles School Athletic Director